How do I apply for jobs in the UK?

It doesn't matter if you have completed your Bachelor's or Master's in your home country. The process for applying for jobs as a Physiotherapist in the UK is the same, whether it's for a full-time or part-time job.

Answer your IELTS exam


Apply for HCPC registration


Apply for jobs in the UK

Step 1: Answer the IELTS Exam

For Physiotherapists, whose first language is not English, you need to answer the IELTS exam.

The IELTS exam is divided into 4 sections / elements: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. To pass you must achieve a minimum score of 7.0 with no element below 6.5

Step 2: Apply for HCPC registration

Visit the HCPC website:

Home → Registration → Getting on the Register → International Applications → Apply for HCPC registration

Read the entire page, it really helps! Do not skip anything.

International Application Forms
(Download all 3 forms)

  • Application for registration- International
  • Guidance for International Applicants- 2021 (Read the Guidance in detail- do not skip anything)
  • HCPC Course Information form

Step 3: Apply for Jobs in the UK

Many of you will begin as a Band 5 Physio if you have recently graduated or if this is your first job in the UK.

If this is your first job, and have no experience, then your job application must stand out.


Your CV should look clean and professional. I would recommend using the template found here . Keep it less than two pages. Hiring managers do not have time to read through a long CV.

Your cover letter or supporting information can be longer. You can write in detail about your placement or work experience.

It goes without saying, avoid grammatical errors.

Cover Letter

In terms of your cover letter, write in detail about your internship/placement/rotation experience and work experience. Write one paragraph for each rotation and/or for each job role.

Emphasize on reflective practices and evidence based practice that you have used during your treatment techniques or encounters with patients.

If you have only recently graduated and haven't had any proper work experience with patients, no problem. Let them know. You can always mention that you have read on it or have practiced it during your placement/postings.

Job Application

In general, you should always provide real life examples of any claims you make. If you claim that you "posses excellent time management skills", then talk about how you've managed your time well during a busy exam/study period, or when treating many patients during a busy week.

Thoroughly research the company you are applying to. Most companies have a list of "core values". You should try to give examples of how you embody these in your application.

If you book a paid session with me we will cover all of these points in more detail.

Where to Apply for Jobs
  • Indeed
  • NHS Jobs
  • Recruitment Agencies (Google them or contact them via LinkedIn)
  • Email private companies with your CV & cover letter directly

If you would like one-to-one help applying for jobs, you can book a coaching session with me.