If you've been invited for an interview

Once you have been invited for an interview (perhaps after following the advice in my job hunting post 😉), you should be proud of yourself! Congratulations, it's not easy to get invited to an interview.

Upon a successful application you will be sent an email - remember to check your spam folder.

The email will contain:

  • A link to book your interview. The interview date is normally set, and you can choose a time (not always). In some cases you will automatically be booked into the next available time slot
  • The names and contact details of the interviewers
  • The Job Description and Person Specification
  • Documents that you require for your interview
  • A map showing how to get to the interview location

After you have selected a time for the interview, you will receive another confirmation email with the final date and time.

Interview Preparation

One of the most crucial steps in preparing for any interview is to know what is written on your CV and job application. If you're asked a question about something on either of these and you don't know it, it will give the impression that you haven't prepared and that you're perhaps not interested in the job role.

Read and re-read your application, practice with a friend, or by yourself. This will give you confidence and boost your morale, ahead of the interview.

Make as many mistakes as you want when you practice, that's the way you learn. Remember, there is no going back after your interview has been completed.

Be thorough with your basics and bedside manner. As a physio, bedside manner should come to us as second nature. But if you are inexperienced, your interviewer will be able to tell.

If you are not confident with your basics, I would suggest booking a one-to-one interview preparation session with me.

The Day Before The Interview

  • Plan your journey
  • Plan what you're going to wear
  • Organize your documents
  • Prepare a snack / lunch
  • Talk to a friend (or myself) if you're nervous
  • Get an early night's sleep

On The Day Of The Interview

Be confident 😊

We all get a little nervous, which is normal, especially if it is your first interview.

If you were unsuccessful in previous interviews it can set back your confidence; remember that every interview is a learning opportunity, that gets you one step closer to success.

Wear something smart, yet comfortable. You might be asked to demonstrate tests or treatment techniques, so ensure you're not restricted by you're clothing.

Do not forget your documents. You should make a checklist of the documents you have been requested to take with you, and organise them the day before.

Do not be late! First impressions are everything. Aim to arrive 20 minutes before your interview. It's easy to get lost in a hospital, so make sure ahead of time that you know where to find the physio department.

Once you've found the place, check in at reception and have a seat in the waiting area. You will be called in at your interview time slot.

Hopefully this helped, good luck with your interview!